Agility billboard at a busy ExCeL London
Agility advertising

Advert design highlighting the capabilities of a great on-site team

1600m2 of storage at ExCeL. A network of offices in 100 countries. A large team handling everything from packing to customs clearance.

This leading logistics company based at ExCeL would be the perfect partner for exhibitors. But many visitors had no idea who they are.


— Advert design

— Content

— Illustration

— Animation


They had run ads before on billboards and digital signs. But with too many words in too small a type size, they were easy to miss. Agility needed a new campaign to show organisers and exhibitors what they offer.

For maximum visual impact, we used as few words as possible. With an illustration style that told their story, and a simple looped animation to present key services, we made sure passing visitors would quickly learn who Agility are and what they can do.

A straightforward approach with a straightforward outcome. But one that could be a vital first step in gaining new customers.

Advert icon language on orange background
Integral designer working on animation for one of the adverts
Advert on a razor screen at ExCeL London
The Agility team setting up event seating at ExCeL London
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