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Charterpath website

Charity website connects accountants to non-profits

Charterpath is a charity set-up to inspire and help accountants offer their skills to charities and non-profits. It’s not a ‘traditional’ fundraising charity model, so they need to explain their purpose quickly and clearly.


— User experience

— Content design

— Website design

— Website build

— CMS training


We’d worked with Charterpath’s founders, Alice and Alex in their previous roles at Close Brothers, and we helped them create a strong brand to complement the website.


Knowing the importance of getting the message across as efficiently as possible we built a crisp, clean site which explained the charity’s goals and ambitions and made it easy for both accountants and non-profits to get involved. 


The site is built on our recommended CMS which enables Charterpath to have full control over the content, and the clearly-defined sections, calls to action and strong messaging should allow many accountants to ‘take the Charterpath pledge’ over the years to come.

Whilst we sadly can’t do pro bono work for every charity who ask, our past history with the founders and our belief in the greater good the project will achieve was enough to persuade us to drop our usual rate by 75%.

Charterpath website stories page shown on Mac laptop
Charterpath website homepage shown on Mac laptop
Charterpath website call to action on iPhone
Designer working on Charterpath custom character illustrations
Mobile designs for the Charterpath website
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We thought the branding was impressive, then we saw the website! Integral have taken our vision and turned it into a clear, effective website which we will give us the confidence to get our charity ‘out there’. Thank you so much for your hard work on this, and the brand.


We’ve got a solid place to start from now and can’t wait to see results as we start to promote Charterpath. Thank you Integral, again. It was a pleasure working with you, again.

— Alice Clementi, Founder

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