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Cognizant iPad app

App development helps thought leaders to success

Cognizant, a large IT firm mainly based in the US, wanted to establish themselves as industry thought-leaders, and the first target area was data, and how it could be used safely to improve people’s experiences with companies. A book was being written and they wanted an app to complement it. 


— Research

— User experience

— Concept design


Cognizant’s initial request was for a ‘page-turner’ app, but we felt it wouldn’t be different enough from the physical book (which was also available via digital channels and audio, and we had designed and typeset) to offer any significant benefit. Instead, we suggested building an app which would provide an alternative way to consume the key messages of the book, and be a teaser for the main story.


We used a mixture of interactive content, video and animation to achieve this, we created a popular app to get the message across and drive readers to the book. It won 18 awards in the US for app design, and helped to increased readership, and helped Cognizant towards their goal. 

App screen design showcasing intelligent jet engine data for commercial aviation
App screen on iPad presenting Cognizant Spark product
App screen on iPad visualising a young lady's Code Halo of data
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Integral provided the artistic vision and technical skills we needed to bring our Code Halo app to life. Matt and his team brought fresh thinking and tireless execution to what became an award-winning project. The Integral design aesthetic continues to shape our thought leadership products.

— Dr Paul Roehrig, Cognizant

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