Cover shot of the new legacy programmr brochure
ExCeL London CSP brochure

Brochure design making a difference for corporate sustainability

They sponsor local community projects. Offer free event space to charities. Recycle huge amounts. Encourage diversity and a healthy workplace. ExCeL do some great work in Corporate Sustainability Purpose — and it’s a topic important to many of their clients.

To highlight what they’re doing, they asked for our help creating something more professional.



— Design

— Illustration

— Photography

— Print management


With in-house photography and our design expertise, we created a magazine-like brochure to show ExCeL ‘making a difference’.

We managed the whole project from design to delivery. The end result is a great showcase of the inspiring CSP work at ExCeL London.

Portrait of ExCel London team member
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Open brochure showing front and back covers
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Shot of ExCeL London's new living wall

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