Spine of new visitor pack custom folder
ExCeL London visitor pack

Handouts and brochure design and print creating a lasting impression

ExCeL London is an impressive space for any prospective client. But what wasn’t so impressive was the loose collection of handouts and brochures in different sizes and branding handed to them by the sales team.

The team asked us to tie it all together to make a lasting impression.


— Concept

— Design

— Illustration

— Photography

— Prototyping

— Print management


A bespoke folder with a magnetic closure creates a big impact. We designed the new pack to use a selection of inserts in A4 and A5 sizes so it can be fully customised for each client. The folder has a long shelf life and the inserts are easy (and cheap) to update.

The end result is a far cry from the collection of documents customers used to come away with.

Front cover of bespoke ExCeL London folder
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