Goal Digger Coaching brand

Unapologetically powerful branding

Goal Digger Coaching empowers women to be the best versions of themselves, achieve their goals and live their lives unapologetically. Bold targets need a bold brand to back them: you can’t be unapologetic and hide in the corner. Integral were asked to help make the fledgling startup look the best version of themselves.


— Visual identity

— Brand guidelines

— Social media

— Clothing

— Merchandise

— Stationery


The Goal Digger brand was a step beyond other similar projects: they intend to sell clothing and merchandise too, so we had to take into account how the brand would appear not just on websites, social media and business cards — but t-shirts, water bottles and mugs too. 


We based the logo on the zen circle, the ensō, which represents enlightenment, strength, elegance and the universe: the exact qualities we saw in Goal Digger’s ethics, approach and aims for both their own business and for their clients.

New logo rationale showing zen circle
Ilustration showing new logo spacing
Brand device created from new logo over image of young woman
The team at Integral have been able to help bring my business to life more than I could have ever imagined.
After chatting to Matt and the team about my mission and focus for the business, they went away and created a brand that really blew me away. I think I actually cried on the presentation call! I’ve worked with the team for more than a decade in different corporate roles and I couldn’t think of a better partner to work with.
It’s not transactional for them, you’re getting their full attention and they want to know why you approach things in certain ways to get under the skin of what you’re trying to achieve. Makes for a great outcome all round!

— Lindsey, Goal Digger Coaching

Branded Goal Digger note book

Considering a branding project? Big or small, complete rebrand or tweak, we’d love to help. Contact Matt on 020 7424 5555 or matt@integral.london

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