Graduate working from a privacy pod at Macquarie
Macquarie graduate welcome pack

Welcome pack gives Macquarie’s graduate starters a solid foundation

Each year, Macquarie signs graduates to join an internship scheme, but too many of them were dropping out. We were asked to help stop that happening, and make the new recruits, some of whom might stay with the company for years, feel more welcome. We were to work in collaboration with other internal and external teams.  


— Design

— Illustration

— Production

— Project management

— Fulfilment


We worked with the internal marketing team to create an ongoing series of both digital and print communications and events, which enabled Macquarie to stay in touch with graduates in the months before the internship began. For when they did start work, we created the concept of a ‘welcome pack’ which they were sent just before their first day; and then on arrival a gym bag with more branded items was waiting on their desk. Although Macquarie sourced many of the items themselves, we also helped with production, hand-finishing and fulfilment. 

View of the pack open to the first page
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Close up of the grad pack showing capacity
The complete pack sat on it's black bubble bag envelope
Showing the fully opened pack with lanyard, notebook, pen and vouchers

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