Close up of the print piece showing custom printed ribbon
Macquarie internal brand campaign​

Branded ribbon helps keep staff in the loop

Macquarie had outsourced their first external brand campaign in the UK, and we recommended they run an internal campaign so their staff would be aware of what was happening before it went public.


— Campaign

— Design

— Packaging

— Production

— Project management


Instead of the planned email campaign, which we worried might be disregarded as just another internal memo, we recommended a stylish, but cost-effective, desk drop: a simple folding envelope, sealed with a sticker and branded ribbon, with a branded pen and chocolate, and small booklet explaining the campaign that was going live, and how to up-sell the messages to clients. The campaign was well-received and staff appreciated being told in advance, instead of discovering it on the journey in to work.  

Pack shot of the packaged campaign as it was delivered
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Reverse of the package was sealed shut with a sticker
Close up of the brand book that explained the new external campaign
Close up of the two gifts inside the package

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