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Brand identity design services

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Brand identity design services.

We offer a range of branding and identity design services, from brand identity design, rebrands and brand guidelines to brand maintenance, development and ongoing support.

Every business has a brand. The choice comes when deciding whether to invest in your brand to ensure it authentically represents your business, what you do, what you stand for — and ultimately whether your brand works for your business, or against it.

Your brand identity isn’t simply a logo, it’s a sum of parts working together to create the right impression, from colours, typography, styling of imagery and illustration to the sort of language you use. But it doesn’t stop there, every email, social media post, document, what your staff wear, how they answer the phone — all of these, and a lot more, together become your brand.
Branding and identity design services
Brand stationery design services

Is your brand authentic?

Your brand does the talking when you’re not in the room. So, if you provide a premium product or service but your brand feels more like easyJet, you’re going to quickly confuse, and lose, your customers.

We work with you to understand your business, where you fit in your market, your customers, what you do for them, and why they should care. And most importantly what makes your business unique. This insight is how we create a strong, authentic brand identity design that help you to stand out, engage your customers and grow your business.

Branding design services.

We can deliver a complete brand or rebrand design service, including brand guidelines designed to reflect the scale and complexity of your business.

Or work with you to develop your existing brand identity by providing ongoing support for your marketing communications and campaigns, ensuring you achieve the quality and consistency needed to build trust and brand recognition with your audience.

Brand collateral and uniform design services

If you’re already planning a project, thinking about one, or would just like to discuss an idea we’d love to hear from you — get in touch.

Integral logo mark celebrating 21 years creating stronger brands

We are proud to be celebrating twenty-one years of helping amazing clients to build stronger brands.

Celebrating 21 years in business
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