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Who we are.

Project managers.

Well that’s what we are. We’d rather you think of us as fiercely loyal, accountable, fair, experienced, proactive, passionate, straightforward, dependable partners.

Very simply — design floats our boat — being able to use creative thinking to solve a problem, achieve a goal, create engagement, make something easier to understand, or easier to use — is what gets us out of bed in the morning.
We value relationships, we work hard to create rewarding relationships with everyone we work with. We stay true to our values, we’re honest, fair and straightforward: if we believe something is wrong, we’ll tell you, even if that’s less profitable for us. 
Designer working on website design mockups for NASSA
Integral logo mark celebrating 21 years creating stronger brands

Over the last 22 years we’ve worked with some pretty amazing clients, from just about every sector. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience of different industries, products and services. Working on projects from simple communications and collateral to complex campaigns, rebrands, websites and web apps. And we bring this diverse experience to every project.

We ask why.
Quite a lot.

Not to be annoying — but because it’s a great question. If nobody ever asked why, nothing would change. The work we do normally centres around positive change for the businesses we work with, so it’s important we take time to understand what change is needed. We ask why to ensure we’re providing the right advice, to be certain we are considering your audience properly, choosing the right channels, developing creative and writing copy they’ll respond to.


Not because we think you don’t know what you need, because if we work together, we’re partners, and that’s how partners should behave.

Integral project manager Yvonne working in our studio
Integral logo mark celebrating 21 years creating stronger brands

We are proud to be celebrating twenty-one years of helping amazing clients to build stronger brands.

Celebrating 21 years in business
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