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Macquarie are a global financial services organisation with Australian heritage, operating in 33 markets. We’ve worked on a number of internal campaigns for Macquarie. Designed to stimulate greater engagement with their London-based teams.

Macquarie Bank

Campaign strategy | Design | Photography | Print management | Environment branding | Project management | Fulfilment

Internal digital communications and campaigns were being lost in the noise, and engagement had been dropping for a while. Macquarie asked us to help, we recommended a change to print and environment branding campaigns with great success.

Because the campaigns were internal, we are limited to what we can show.

Shown are two campaigns, the first was an internal campaign to brief the Macquarie team on a new national advertising campaign. Explaining the purpose and desired outcome of the campaign. And providing background and sales information for the Macquarie team to continue the conversation with clients.

The next campaign was part of an ongoing welcome campaign to create engagement with graduates due to join the Macquarie team. The objective being to reduce grads from dropping out during the onboarding process.

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