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We value open, honest communication as it simplifies relationships. Here’s our approach:

These terms and conditions set out how Integral Design Limited t/a Integral (we, us, Integral) work with you as a client (you, client, us).

Budgets and estimates

We often spend hours or even days crafting an estimate or proposal, which includes researching your business, market, products, and competitors. While we absorb these costs, we kindly ask for your transparency regarding budget expectations. It ensures we’re on the same page and tailors our recommendations to your anticipated spend.

Our estimates stand for 30 days from their date of issue.

Our estimates consider both time and expenses. They hinge on the clarity and completeness of your project brief. So, it’s crucial that your brief is precise and is approved all relevant parties in your business.

Project briefs often evolve. If there’s a significant drift from the initial brief, we’ll hit pause and discuss potential revisions to our original estimate. We don’t surprise you with unexpected fees after the fact; that’s not our style.

If you use purchase orders, we’ll need the PO number upfront. This step ensures smooth invoicing upon project completion.


For new engagements, substantial projects, or those with third-party costs, we usually ask for a 50% deposit of the total project fee. This will be discussed and agreed with you before the project is commissioned and is payable before our work begins.

Our default payment term for invoices is 30 days from the date of issue unless agreed otherwise.

Any bank or transaction fees related to payments are on you.

All fees will have VAT added, based on the rate when invoiced.


Trust and discretion are critical for us. We often sign client NDAs which supersede this clause.

We never share any information provided to us, unless when compelled by law or if you instruct us to do so. If third-party sharing becomes necessary during a project, we’ll seek your written consent first.

If you’d like to know more about how we use information provided to us, please view our privacy policy.

Quality of content

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality work, from strategic insights to creative output. However, the quality of what you provide us — be it instructions, content, or feedback — plays a huge role in the final product.

If you supply content, it should be accurate and approved by all necessary stakeholders in your business. We can accommodate changes, but excessive revisions stemming from unapproved content can disrupt timelines and budgets.

Ownership of design work

Our designs, strategies, and insights remain Integral’s property until the related invoice is settled. Please do not use, copy of publish our work until then.

Our fee covers the final design deliverables, not the underlying working files. If you need editable files, this should be flagged at the outset, and might affect our quote.

Licenses and copyright

Rest assured, any copyrighted assets we deploy (be it stock images, music, typefaces, etc) are appropriately licenced. Details available upon request.

We respect intellectual property rights and won’t entertain requests to infringe upon them. If you provide assets, you’re responsible for ensuring they don’t breach copyright laws.

Promoting our work

Showcasing our work, whether on our website, social media, ads, or emails, is vital for our business.


If you’re not comfortable with us featuring a project completed for you, this must be discussed and agreed before we begin. Unless agreed otherwise, we reserve the right to share our work across our platforms.

However, by default we don’t showcase projects intended for internal or private audiences. If we feel there’s a way to do this that doesn’t breach confidentiality, we’ll discuss this with you to find a middle ground.

Ending our relationship

Either of us can end our working relationship with a written notice. If so, any services provided up to that point, or external fees we have committed to on your behalf, need to be paid in full to us.

Should our relationship conclude and you need files from previous projects, please note there might be charges for the recovery, packaging and transfer of said files.

Integral is a trading style of Integral Design Limited, registered in England and Wales company no. 4308161. Our trading and registered address is: Import Building, 2 Clove Crescent, London E14 2BE.

Last updated: July 2023

Limitation of liability

Integral cannot be held accountable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages stemming from our services or these terms.

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