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We love solving problems. Asking questions. Understanding people and behaviour. This relentless curiosity helps us to create simple ideas that cut through to deliver exceptional results — and great design.

We’re independent in every sense of the word. We aren’t tied to specific software partners or processes. We don’t limit our thinking to one industry, but instead work with clients large and small, in the UK and overseas. Even within a single industry, every client and every project is unique, and we treat them accordingly. This approach ensures we challenge assumptions — and ourselves — and push for the very best outcome in everything we do.
We’re proud of the range of great clients we’ve worked with over the last 20 years.

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We’re Integral: a problem-solving, question-asking, result-delivering design consultancy based in central-London

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Are we a great fit? If we’re not like-minded and our values don’t align, chances are the project won’t go well. We don’t work with every person we talk to: sometimes that’s our decision, sometimes there’s. We spend time talking, meeting and understanding everything we can about your brand and the challenges you face. If we get on then we’re all in.


We need to understand the why. Why are you planning a project? Who are we targeting? And why will they care, what makes them tick? What do we want them to think, or do? What does success look like? The answers to these questions will ensure we challenge each other to get the very best outcome.


By answering the Whys we can make informed decisions on the best channels and technologies to employ. And if the Whys didn’t cover it, we’ll spin up our research partner to fill in any blanks. We’ll create a clear plan to ensure we all know what we’re going to do, when and how. Getting the expectations right, and clearly defined, at this point makes every project smoother and more enjoyable.


The ‘obvious’ bit for a design consultancy, of course. But rushing into this stage just guarantees we’ll create some nice art, not solve your problems. If you ask agencies for design ideas too early, especially right from the start, you’ll end up with lower quality work designed to appeal to you, not to your target audience. But because we planned properly, every creative decision will focus on solving your problem.


Stunning design visuals are great, but it’s the execution that really matters. Whether it’s building a website, a complex app, or managing multiple print production partners, we’re accountable for the final product. And if you have your own production team, we’ll grab a chair and work with them.


Our reputation is everything to us, and drives every decision we make. We don’t deliver one project then move on to the next. We stick around to find out what worked and what didn’t, and if we’ve built the relationship we wanted, we use that to guide our next project together. That’s what we mean when we say we want to be Integral to your business.

Our process

Your business, and the challenges you face, are unique. Whilst we learn and apply knowledge to similar situations, we also approach each problem as a brand new one. There is a specific reason every single one of your customers picked you instead of your competitor. Our process is designed to help find those reasons. It’s agile, it scales up or down to fit the complexity of your problem and size of your project. But it always follows these proven steps:

Our work

We refuse to compromise on creativity, on planning and research, on understanding your needs — and those of your target market. We stake our reputation on our work, and on the fact we deliver great results, on time. Take a look at just some of those great results, and let’s refuse to compromise together.

Design isn’t art. 


Artists create what’s inside them; we discover what’s inside you. 


Art is open to interpretation; design communicates a clear message.


Art asks questions; design solves problems.


We’re designers, not artists. We’re Integral.


And we start with Why?

Because we can only create great design when we understand your brand: what it stands for, who’s behind it, who buys from you, what matters to them, and how we can empathise with them. We ask what the end goal is, what does success look like?
This process informs every decision we make. We don’t use our favourite colours or favourite typefaces, and perhaps not even yours. But we work out what your audience’s favourite might be — or at least what might make them sit up and take notice.
We use colour psychology, not gut feelings. Logical thinking, not lucky guesses. Analytical processes, not shots in the dark.

Your brand is more than just your logo and colour scheme. It’s a sum of all of the parts of your business, and each of these parts must work together to effectively communicate your message.
Any design which doesn’t follow this philosophy is art. The design chosen because it might win an award; the colours picked because they match the owner’s car; the campaign planned because it’s more exciting to execute. All of these are art, picked — perhaps subconsciously — to fuel an ego not to create success.
Design helps your business grow. That’s why we’re designers. That’s why we’re Integral.

Our design philosophy

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