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Start With Why —
a brilliant book if you fancy a bit of inspiration.

start with why book by simon sinek

Firstly, we’re not on any kind of commission! We just all really enjoyed this book and wanted to share it. Sinek has this really interesting way of unravelling why certain brands gain such unwavering loyalty, if you have the time, it’s worth a read, or if you’re lazy like us, a listen.

The Golden Circle

Sinek introduces this concept called the Golden Circle. Picture three circles: Why, How, and What. Most businesses focus on the outer circles, starting with what they do and gradually working their way to how they do it. The real magic lies at the core, in the ‘Why’. When you start with your purpose, your belief, the reason behind everything you do, something incredible happens.


You know Apple, right? Well, if you work with Integral, we’ve probably brought them up in one of our (or more likely Matt’s) epically long brand ramblings.

Sinek provides a unique perspective on their success story. These guys have always been driven by a desire to challenge the status quo and think differently. And that’s their ‘Why’. By centering their brand on their core beliefs, Apple has been able to create mind-blowing products that strike a chord with people on a deeper level. This purpose-driven approach has fostered a tribe of fiercely loyal customers who can’t wait to see what Apple cooks up next.

The Wright brothers

Another interesting example from Sinek’s book that we knew very little about — the Wright brothers. These guys weren’t motivated by fame or fortune. They simply had a burning passion to make human flight a reality. Their ‘Why’ drove them to persevere through countless obstacles, failures, and doubters.

By staying true to their purpose, the Wright brothers revolutionised aviation and left an indelible mark on history. It’s a testament to the incredible power of purpose. And they apparently beat far more ‘qualified’ and well-funded competitors to it.

He uses this phrase over and over. People don’t just buy what you do; they buy why you do it. When you connect with your audience on an emotional level, something magical happens. They don’t just become customers; they become passionate advocates for your brand. By embracing your purpose and sharing it authentically, you can build a tribe of loyal supporters who are not only eager to buy from you but also spread the word and champion your cause.

The book provides a really interesting take on brand, it’s what we do, and we all learned something! Worth a read if you have the time, or if you’re super busy take a look at his TED talk.

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