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Bausch+Lomb has been at the forefront of visionary innovation in eye care since 1853. Their new platform for ophthalmic procedures could save surgeons, and their patients, time, space and money.


Concept | Campaign design | Copywriting | Content design | Photography | Ad campaign | Microsite | Catalogue | Event stand

We knew the product should be the hero of this campaign. So we took a far simpler approach than the pitches Bausch+Lomb had seen so far.

We shot the product photography and made a campaign around the new images. Our clean and crisp approach stood out in a sector that focuses too much on complicated graphics. With such a straightforward look, the campaign worked well across different executions, from digital to large format.

In fact, it worked so well, the team asked us to adapt it for other regions instead of having the local teams manage it.

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