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Charterpath’s ambition is to inspire accountants to offer their skills to charities and non-profits. Driven by an ambitious target of persuading 50% of accountants to donate time (only 10% currently do), they needed a powerful brand.


Visual identity | Stationery | Merchandise | Email campaigns | Social media | User experience | Content design | Website design | Website build | CMS training

We quickly realised the core brand elements needed to be improved and developed before we could move forward. So we created a new logo sympathetic to their original attempt and built the brand around it, including social graphics, in-house templates and a comprehensive style guide. ​

Knowing the importance of getting the message across as efficiently as possible we built a crisp, clean site which explained the charity’s goals and ambitions, and made it easy for both accountants and non-profits to get involved.

The site is built on our recommended CMS which enables Charterpath to have full control over both the content and site design moving forward.

In their first two years Charterpath have seen some amazing results, with more than 616 accountants agreeing to volunteer, resulting in over 15,000 hours donated to the world of non-profits, worth over £500K!

I didn’t really know what a ‘brand’ really was before we came to Integral with our Charterpath name and a very basic logo we had designed ourselves. Integral spent (a lot) of time with us to understand our ambitions for the organisation, our values and our target market.

Within a matter of days they had managed to turn our dull corporate logo into a series of brand assets full of life and personality — revamping our name design, font and logo, developing a palette of colours which would help to ensure brand consistency and producing templates for us to use on our social media.

The team were very thoughtful throughout the process and found a great balance of bringing fresh design ideas whilst staying true to our original attempts!

Thank you Integral. It was a pleasure working with you.

Alice Clementi — Founder of Charterpath

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