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IMA ART Fertility is the first of its kind luxury fertility and surrogacy solutions concierge exclusively serving high-net-worth individuals. Our role was to ensure the IMA ART brand and website reflected the unique nature of the business.

IMA ART Fertility

Visual identity | Brand guidelines | Stationery | Art creation | Social media | Website design | Website build

IMA ART Fertility is a first-of-its-kind luxury fertility and surrogacy concierge, dedicated to helping high-net-worth and ultra high-net-worth individuals on their private journey to parenthood.

Founded by Michelle Tang — driven by her own experience of the myriad of medical, legal and emotional complexities involved in the field of fertility — the business is truly unique in the fertility and surrogacy space, our brief was to create a brand and website to reflect this.

We worked closely with Michelle and Ron to bring their vision to life, their passion, born from personal experience, was evident in every conversation. We created an elegant and understated brand that sets IMA ART apart from the more typical fertility and surrogacy providers.

A brand device created from the Flower of Life, original artwork exploring the human form and relationships, elegant typography and a rich colour palette all fuse to create a brand that reflects the unique nature of not only the business, but the hugely passionate founders.

Once the brand was finalised, the next step was to move onto a complete website design and build. We used a platform that allows for easy management of site content and more importantly evolution of the website design moving forward.

IMA ART Fertility was introduced to Integral by a luxury yacht broker with operations in Monaco and London.

The surrogacy space, in so far as websites and brand creation are concerned, is owned by American website developers. We understood asking an American website developer to create a new brand identity and website would yield a result, a look and a feeling which looked like everyone else.

In our first meetings with Matt, we explained the absolute need to look and feel demonstrably different from other firms operating in the fertility and surrogacy space. We shared references to existing entities in the field and made two specific requests:

The predominant colour of the site must be black to achieve a luxury high-end feeling.

We preferred not to include pictures of babies to respect couples who have faced challenges in starting their families naturally.

Our requests had never been done or imagined before. This was — and would be — the first luxury fertility and surrogacy concierge in the world.

From a branding and design point of view, Matt achieved more than what we imagined. Our site is not only demonstrably different, but is simply gorgeous. It exudes a luxury feeling — a first in the industry and has enabled us to open doors with key players from medicine, to reproductive law and hospitality.

Ron Sonnenberg — Co-Founder & Creative at IMA ART Fertility

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