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Resoled is a sneaker marketplace, designed to truly empower marketplace buyers and resellers to connect and transact transparently. They act as a mediator using expertise, authentication centres and unique AI authentication technology to streamline and manage the entire transaction chain, eliminating risk and providing personal safety.


Brand identity | Brand guidelines | Merchandise | Clothing | Social media | Packaging | Advertising | Store concepts

The Resoled brand needed to reflect their values of transparency, honesty, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Consistent reproduction from launch is critical for Resoled to build a bold, trusted, leading brand. So we created full brand guidelines to ensure consistency is simple.

We took the initial logo creative and developed this into a full brand with a flexible approach that supports their plans for launch and beyond — also factoring in future plans to create a Resoled clothing line.

The Resoled team’s passion is infectious, they literally eat, sleep and breath sneakers! During the brand project we also worked on concept for experience stores as well as locker locations for easy drop off and collection, and we’re now working together on mobile app and responsive website designs.

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