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Fueled by passion. Grounded by experience. We make brands stronger.

Resoled brand design

Yachting Partners International website UX design

IMA ART Fertility brand and website design

YPI CREW brand and website design

NASSA brand and website design

KARGO brand and packaging design

Charterpath brand and website design

Macquarie internal brand campaigns

Design creates positive change, solves problems, enhances experiences, starts conversations, and transforms businesses. We combine decades of experience, and a wealth of expertise across multiple sectors, with a boatload of passion to help our clients elevate their businesses.


We create new brands. Make existing ones sharper and more unique. Create guidelines and design systems. Design and build websites. And collaborate with our clients on their marketing communications, ensuring they connect and engage.

Creativity, attention to detail and a deep understanding of client needs make Integral an ideal design partner.

Joe Hannam Maggs — Marketing Manager at City Fringe

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